Nadal Vs Federer Rivalry poem

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Nadal Vs Federer Rivalry poem

Postby admin » 27 Apr 2017, 14:20

Came across Nadal Vs Federer Rivalry poem, so posting here...

The Sun was setting in 2001,
As a young Swiss stared at the grass
It was the hallowed turf of Wimbledon
The match read Federer vs Sampras;
David vs Goliath, one would’ve thought,
For Federer was up against the king
But he would exhibit an array of shots,
And down the champion he would bring;
“The baton has been passed”, people quipped,
But they said so too early
For Federer struggled and his form dipped
It was in 2003, that his ghosts he did bury;
He won Wimbledon, his dream of yore
A wasted talent he had once been
Now he dominated the Tour like few before,
With a shot-making elegance hitherto unseen;
Poetry in motion, his game was a song
At 24, already a legend was he
But the one-man show would not last long,
As fate would have us see;
Sleeveless shirt,
Pirate pants, with a bandana in tow
Along came a young Spaniard
Who would soon make the Tennis world gasp ‘wow’;
Still a teenager, yet remarkably disciplined
Federer he would face at the French clay
He came out on top, running like the wind
Nadal was here to stay;
Their battles were intense, a rivalry was brewing
The crowd could feel their aura
Their matches made for spectacular viewing
It was the dawn of the ‘Fedal’ era;
The next two years, they set the tone
Nadal was the one behind
But he was inching ever closer to the throne,
Where Federer for four years had shined;
At Wimbledon 2008, they met again
Both strong in their endeavour
The match had everything, from darkness to rain
It would soon be labelled as ‘The greatest match ever’;
They pushed each other to the brink,
With Tennis we didn’t even know existed
After 4 hours 48 minutes, it was Federer who blinked
The trophy finally saw Nadal’s name as being listed;
Nadal had been second, for far too long
Finally he was coronated
But just when it seemed he could do no wrong,
His winning run at the French Open abated;
Federer at last captured the trophy he so prized
Hiding his tears he did not bother
His Career Slam had been realized
What’s more, soon he would turn a father;
But back came Nadal, he was in the zone
2010 was all ‘Vamos’!
He achieved a career slam of his own
Numero uno, once again he was the boss;
At the turn of the decade, rose a Serb
Steely-eyed and vastly improved
It was the ‘Fedal’ dominance that he did curb
And with that the whole Tennis world he moved;
Federer-Nadal would seldom dominate together again
Nadal’s 2012 injury was just a shame
But in 2013 he would overcome his pain,
With one of the best comebacks ever seen in the game;
However Federer struggled in 2013,
With critics thinking it was the end
He finished number two in 2014,
With that a strong message did he send;
Nadal would yet again face injuries,
Even under-confidence came to the fore
In 2016, Tennis would witness more misery,
As Federer also sat out the Tour;
With both gone, the time was ripe,
For critics to sound their requiem
But the fans had faith, they didn’t believe the hype
The return of ‘Fedal’ era they would dream;
Come 2017, the legends returned
Australia, the Tennis Gods had blessed
Through their shot-making, the courts they burned
It was a Federer-Nadal final no one would have guessed;
Needless to say, they produced another classic,
A match they had long earned
They met two more times this year, which is fantastic
The ‘Fedal’ era has indeed returned!
“What makes their rivalry so special”, if I asked you
What would be your surmise?
Perhaps their contrast would be the first clue,
Warrior vs Artist, Fire vs Ice;
They’re fierce rivals, yet good friends,
Perhaps it is this enigma
With their game broken hearts they can mend,
They uplift spirits with their charisma;
But above all it’s their personality that’s their totem,
Great role models, great ambassadors of the game
Here’s hoping we see them for years to come
For once they’re gone, Tennis would no longer be the same.

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